copsandducks asked:

Hey! I saw this floating around in a pic set and wanted to check that you allowed them to use your art!! sheinside(.)com /Black-Contrast-Long-Sleeve-Cat-Print-T-Shirt-p-149378-cat-1738(.)html

gemmacorrell answered:


Hi folks, I’d like y’all to know that I did NOT give permission to use my artwork*. I’ll concede that it does look pretty good on that baseball shirt but, still… please don’t buy it.

In fact, I’d recommend that you don’t buy anything from sheinside, as their clothing ‘designs’ are all stolen from other brands and artists. They are cheaply made, bad quality items from China. We also don’t know how ethically sound they are as a company (ie. how do they treat their workers?)

Again, please do not buy from 
If you’d like one of my designs on a shirt, go to Society 6,
or Urban Outfitters (for Pugs Not Drugs).

PS. for those who are asking… Yes, it’s copyrighted but it is extremely difficult to assert copyright laws on products from China.